Enniscorthy Gospel Choir-Enniscorthy Gospel Choir

Enniscorthy Gospel Choir-Enniscorthy Gospel Choir


Welcome to our website!

Enniscorthy Gospel Choir is a vibrant group of Gospel singers dedicated to providing a broad range of gospel music to a diverse audience. From our beginning in 2005 the aim of our members has been to grow in faith as we become more experienced and accomplished with gospel music, to deepen our friendship with our audiences and fellow members and to have some fun along the way.

Come and see us:

Enniscorthy Gospel Choir sing at the 12.30pm Mass in St. Aidanís Cathedral on the 3rd Sunday of each month  from September to May

lendar of events 2019

  • Mass on Sunday  February 17th at 12.30pm.
  • Fundraising table quiz in the IFA centre at 8.00pm on Friday  February  22nd... Please come and bring a friend.
  • Mass on Sunday March 17th at 12.30pm
  • Outreach Mass in Monagear Parish Church on Saturday March 23rd at 7.00pm
  • Easter Sunday Mass at 12.30pm
  • Festival of Choirs In Gorey on Sunday May 12th.

Final Mass before our summer break on Sunday May 19th at 12.30pm.